ACDIS Membership Resources

ACDIS is the nation's only association dedicated to the CDI profession. It is a community of CDI professionals who share the latest tips, tools, and strategies to implement successful CDI programs and achieve professional growth.

ACDIS members receive a number of resources that are exclusively designed for them:

  • White Papers authored by the ACDIS Advisory Board members that offer industry best practice guidance. 
  • Six editions of the CDI Journal, including accompanying CEU opportunities with each edition, per year. 
  • Four Quarterly Conference Calls per year, which feature hour-long panel discussions and Q&A with the ACDIS Advisory Board.
  • Sample tip sheets, job descriptions, policies and procedures, and query forms submitted by the ACDIS community and vetted by the ACDIS Resource Library Committee.
  • Five free email signature images to celebrate membership and certification statuses. (Members can access these images here.)

In addition to these resources, ACDIS members receive a range of other benefits, which you can read about on the "Membership Benefits" page.