Introducing the 2024 ACDIS Pocket Guide & ACDIS PRO!

To stay ahead of the changing environment, ACDIS strives for continuous innovation and improvement. We are proud to offer both the 2024 ACDIS Pocket Guide, our traditional spiral-bound CDI resource, and ACDIS PRO, our new electronic reference tool that contains all of the information you're accustomed to viewing in the ACDIS Pocket Guide (and more!) in a customizable online resource. Learn more below!  

2024 ACDIS Pocket GuideACDIS PRO


2024 ACDIS Pocket Guide


Conditions covered in the 2024 ACDIS Pocket Guide are organized by their Major Diagnostic Category (MDC), and then in alphabetical order. Each diagnosis listed is accompanied by a detailed clinical definition of the condition; clinical indicators that support the presenting condition, including diagnostic criteria and treatment protocols; ICD-10-CM chapter-specific documentation requirements, including the latest coding clinic guidance specific to the condition; CDI critical thinking tips; provider-focused education advice related to the diagnoses; and references and resources for additional information. The majority of the pocket guide is dedicated to clinical validation and diagnostic definitions, which includes an expansive listing of diagnoses significant to CDI practice.

The 2024 ACDIS Pocket Guide offers the latest information CDI professionals need to know include: 

  • Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 guidelines
  • AHA 2023 Coding Clinic guidance
  • New provider tips from James Manz, MD, CCDS-O of Mayo Clinic
  • Updated critical thinking tips, treatment protocols, and diagnostic criteria
  • The latest updates related to social determinants of health
  • The addition of a new condition - leukemia
  • The inclusion of 75+ conditions






ACDIS PRO delivers all the decision-making information necessary to conduct medical record reviews in an easy to reference online app!  CDI specialists rely on ACDIS PRO as their go-to resource for trusted clinical indicators for compliant and effective physician queries.

  • Quickly look up the latest clinical definitions, diagnostic criteria, treatment protocols, coding considerations, and critical thinking tips for over 90 clinical conditions.
  • Search and sort, take notes, bookmark tips, and set reminders within your own customizable user interface.
  • Benefit from regular automated updates to query, coding, and documentation changes as they happen so your reference is never out of date.*


Introducing Patient Safety Indicators!

And now, ACDIS PRO provides the information CDI specialists need to understand which codes trigger a patient safety indicator (PSI) in the Patient Safety and Adverse Events Composite (PSI 90) and which exclude the patient encounter from reporting. 

When reviewing records for encounters that could trigger a PSI in PSI 90, CDI specialists want to ensure that all information is captured correctly. Erroneously reported PSIs might indicate your hospital is delivering lower quality of care!  Did you know that with certain CMS quality measures organizations that report higher quality of care receive greater reimbursement for Medicare patients? Ensure your organization is receiving the reimbursement it deserves!

 ACDIS PRO provides users with access to the information needed to properly report these PSIs and to identify exclusions that would remove an encounter from a PSI, resulting in a positive impact on their organizations’ reimbursement rates. 

*Changes implemented on a quarterly basis, if not more frequently, depending on the significance of the change.

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Meet the Authors

Laurie Prescott, RN, MSN, CCDS, CCDS-O, CDIP, CRC

Prescott is the interim ACDIS Director and CDI education director with HCPro. She is also the author of the CDI Specialist’s Complete Training Guide. She is a graduate of the University of Vermont School of Nursing and has worked at a variety of organizations, including academic, large, and small community hospitals. Her experience includes various nursing roles—as manager in the areas of medical/surgical, ICU, PACU, and endoscopy—and specialization as a compliance officer.


Dr. James Manz, MD

Dr. Manz is a neurosurgery specialist in Eau Claire, WI. Dr. Manz completed a residency at Medical College of Wisconsin. He currently practices at Mayo Clinic Health Systems - Eau Claire. Dr. Manz is board-certified in Orthopedic Surgery.