Local Chapter Leadership Toolkit

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Please use leverage the linked documents in the Toolkit below, but if you need additional assistance or are interested in starting a chapter in your area, please contact the ACDIS team at info@acdis.org.

Reaching out to CDI peers needn’t seem daunting. Chances are others in your area want to connect as much as you especially in such a growing profession. Below chapter leaders from across the country have collaborated to craft a "toolkit" to help as you begin your efforts and advance your networking capabilities.

Click on the links below for tips and sample documents. If you need additional assistance, contact the ACDIS team at info@acdis.org.

Chapter Advisory Committee
Members of the ACDIS Chapter Advisory Committee serve as liaisons between local chapter leaders and ACDIS national administration by participating on chapter leadership conference calls, promoting best practice, and providing guidance to leaders across the country.

2023 board members: Leola Burke from North Carolina, Amy Bush from the pediatric ACDIS networking group (APDIS), Denise Deter from Arizona, Ella Elizee from Florida, Carol McNutt from Maryland, Keri Miller from Michigan, Janell Murray from Indiana, Angelica Naylor from Texas, Paula Rector from Georgia, Rani Stoddard from California, Jenny Taylor from Idaho/Washington, and Ashley Vahey from Pennsylvania.

To read the committee members' bios, click here.

Getting started

  1. First-year chapter guide, including information about finding chapter leaders, members, and speakers, hosting your first meetings, and surviving the first year
  2. ACDIS Local Chapter Agreement Form
    1. This agreement form must be signed (either physically or electronically, e.g., ss://Jane Doe) by at least three core team volunteers from three different facilities annually
      1. Note: If three leaders from three different organizations cannot be secured, the existing leaders must complete the Memorandum of Understanding
    2. Core leaders who successfully complete one year of voluntary service are eligible for a discount on ACDIS national membership in the year following their service
    3. Leadership types

Next steps

  1. Guide to hosting your first meeting
  2. Virtual meeting guide
  3. Expanding participation
  4. Sample meetings in a can
  5. Blank PowerPoint template
  6. Sample onsite volunteer duties
  7. Vendor involvement
  8. Soliciting and evaluating speakers

Advanced offerings, continued growth

  1. Leadership team building
    1. Set regular leadership team meetings and recurring agenda items to keep team on track; invite national representatives (Linnea Archibald and Rebecca Hendren) to sit in on these meetings
    2. Ensure regular participation of all leadership members and reach out individually to those who miss multiple meetings
    3. Identify individuals’ strengths and weaknesses and assign tasks that meet those strengths and help build on expertise
  2. Sample chapter bylaws
    1. Note: ACDIS national does not recommend that chapters collect dues for two main reasons. First, collecting dues requires a level of formality that some chapters may not be equipped to handle (e.g., the establishment of bylaws, bank accounts, etc.). Secondly, collecting dues and opening bank accounts requires that chapters put concrete succession plans in place for chapter leadership and can open chapters up to situations in which those with bad intentions can take advantage of chapter funds for their personal gains. If your chapter is considering opening bank accounts, please contact the ACDIS national team before taking action to discuss the appropriate steps.
  3. Offering ACDIS CCDS/CCDS-O continuing credits
  4. Chapter newsletters